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4 weeks ago

Getting CUCAS Scholarship Coupon Code Value of 100 USD at Only 1 USD From Aug 19 to 25,2017

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1 month ago

The Program of China- All for Your Better Study Choice

More comprehensive program coveraged, more professional program analysis,all for your better st...
2 months ago

Invite Friends to Apply Chinese Universities Through CUCAS and Get 1,000 RMB Per Application !!

Great chance for you to earn your living fee and help more international students study in China!
2 months ago

Seize the Chance and Start Your Study Trip Now

If you miss the program deadline maybe you need to wait for next semester. Here, some Chines...

The Most Beautiful High Speed Rail Line in China- Hukong Line (Shanghai to Kunming)

Start enjoying the most beautiful scenery and eating delicious local food along this line.
3 months ago

The Number of Zhejiang Province International Students Breaks Record in 2017 (First Half Year)

Which Province do you prefer to study in China? Come to check the most student's choice.
3 months ago

About CUCAS Coupon Code

Coupon Code, Free Application , Free study in China
3 months ago

One Belt and One Road Countries

List of One Belt and One Road countries
3 months ago

Rules about Chinese University Golden Application Season (The Last Time)

The most popular activity is coming now. Every international students can enjoy free application fee and service fee, come on now!
5 months ago
5 months ago

Rules about Chinese University Golden Application Season

The most popular activity among international students is coming soon! Guys, action now.
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