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From : Germany

Don’t get deceived by the semi positive comments,reviews based on buildings and campus quality have nothing to do with the programs. If you come here to learn language, some teachers are non competent at all and would teach you southern china Chinese, there are some who are good but some are just awful. If you plan to apply for bachelor or master, believe me. Look somewhere else. Zero organization, they don’t know which classes you should do to graduate, in the middle of the year will change the requirements to graduate and leave you hanging on words said by administration with no written proof, to later tell you we never said that. Some teachers are really strange, they behave like kids, their not very capable or some they will just overcharge you with homeworks like if you where studying in elementary school, too many time wasting group works and classes. Master program has something like 25 classes which are nearly all ( if not all since they didn’t make that clear yet. ) compulsory. It’s not a serious place at all, especially considering the high cost of the program and the various ridiculous activities they push you to do, beside this very difficult to get scholarship ( 10 thousand yuan only over 45 thousand ) l wish someone had written a comment like this one before, I would had never wasted my money and time on this program. Seems that many students over there had the same situation, If you want to do a bachelor or master look for something else, universities with programs there are older then 50 years struggle to provide decent programs for foreigners, so one that didn’t even had 20 years you can only immagine how bad it can be...

 1 month ago
0 1 1.6
Lee Jiwoo
From : South Korea

BFSU,IBS provides such a good curriculum both in Chinese and English. The Chinese language forms a part of the curriculum to better help prepare students to understand the local culture and economy and take advantage of rewarding internship and employment opportunities locally and abroad.

 4 months ago
0 0 4.6
From : Romania

The campus is quite big and its separated in 2 west side and east side. Its very comforting to that on both sides u can find almost all the facilities. The student are very friendly and the students union is very helpfull.

 5 months ago
1 0 4.4
Nwankwo kenechukwu
From : Nigeria

CUCAS is a global leader inStudy in China Agencies. The Campus is really big, but the buildings are Old. overall a good school.

 1 Year ago
1 1 3.4
From : Uzbekistan

Campus is quite big. It is better to pay a careful attention during orientation.

Administration is good. They help when there are problems.

Teaching quality is average because many teachers are Chinese and their English is not that good.

Cafeteria: variety of choice for everyone except Muslims. They can go to Muslim canteen, which closes a little earlier than other canteens.

Accommodation: before coming to China, you better know basic Chinese (focus on words for accommodation). Dormitory staff dont know English.

Value for money: money paid for education is worth.

 1 Year ago
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From : Malaysia

Campus/Facilities: The campus is not too big, so it is easy to get from one place to another. The facilities include good classrooms with projectors, sound system and wide space. Theres many basketball courts, a football field, tennis courts, an average sized gym and an Olympic standard swimming pool. The library is one of the main attractions of the campus, with four floors of books covering a multitude of subjects and lots of space for personal study, with good lighting and computers provided.
Administration: Most staff have a fairly good command of English, so you will definitely find someone who can help you with your issue. They have a good mailing system which keeps students updated on all events, activities and announcements as long as you regularly check your email. There are also class representatives who serve as communicators between students and the admin. Have come across admin problems once or twice but these were eventually resolved.
Teaching quality: Most of the professors I know are highly qualified, with great experience in their field. My economics teacher actually served as an economic advisor for a town in Canada, and my Chinese teacher is part of the panel of teachers that create HSK 5 question papers. These professors are all very willing to help, and the school uses the Blackboard system to make class materials accessible to every student.
Curriculum: I think the curriculum is pretty standard for a Business school, and it is not too difficult to follow. If you already have a foundation in Business, it will be easy for you. However, those without a foundation will find the course very informative as it starts from the basic introduction and principles in the first year and slowly builds up from that. There are many things we do besides lectures--we have group projects, presentations, and even an Immersion Week where we are exposed to real businesses and experiences outside of campus and also outside Beijing.
Cafeteria: There are MANY different types of food to choose from. In one cafeteria alone there are four floors of different types of food from all regions of China. And there are multiple cafeterias on both campuses, along with smaller restaurants here and there on campus. Food is also really easy to come across outside of campus, with a street of snack food and different cuisines just outside the Small East Gate. Food delivery is also a popular option here, with services available to get your favorite food delivered to your doorstep or even your classroom!
Value for Money: Id say Im satisfied with what I get with the amount of money I paid for. It may be hard to get used to in the first few weeks, but most students very quickly adapt to this new living condition.
Accomodation: There are various types of accommodation with different price levels and sometimes limited space, but everyone should be able to find a place that fits their taste and budget.

 1 Year ago
4 0 4.3
zhang battle
From : China

In BFSU-SolBridge I faced challenged that made me into more capable individual, met professors that inspired the best part of me, and obtained a new perspective of the world. It has become natural for me to deal with people from different culture and I think that is the most valuable skill I could have gotten as an international business student.

 3 Years ago
3 0 4.4
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