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From : Ghana


 6 months ago
1 0 4.7
From : Yemen

I have applied in the doctoral program at this university, I hope to get a chance to study at DHU.

 1 Year ago
1 1 2.9
Utenova Aliya
From : Kazakhstan

I would like to describe all the features rated above. 1) Campus/Facilities - 5 Stars. Surrounding is quiet. There are guards everywhere and all of them are very polite. Campus is really beautiful. As a nature-lover I enjoy it every day. It's like Pandora! Such rich fauna with lots of different trees, flowers etc. Campus has several tennis, basketball and football courts, running track, library. In CIP (Center of International Programs) you have access to wi-fi and computers. 2) Administration. 5 Stars. Administration has never disappointed me. People who work in CIP are friendly and willing to help. I've been getting their help since the very beginning. They speak English. 3) Teaching Quality. 3 Stars. Well I really enjoy about 60% of my classes. I like the will of university to meet high standards. There are often some guys who do their work excellently and there are ones who don't. Anyway most of classes have several professors so after getting advices from old students you can just avoid some teachers. 4) Curriculum. Quite flexible and comprehensive. 4 stars - just because I would like to see more diverse choice of extra classes. 5) Value for Money. Studying in CIP is more expensive than Chinese-tough programs. Anyway when I look at my experience here including really interesting seminars of world-known brands like BVLGARI, Coca-cola etc., trips, interesting classes and multicultural environment I think it is worth paying a bit more. There is always a chance to win a scholarship as well. 6) Cafeteria. There is 2 cafeterias. Both cook well and have a wide diapason of food selection. 3 Stars - it's just a Cafeteria, that's why just 3 Stars :) 7) Accommodation. I live in a dormitory. It's clean, new and it is equipped with all the necessary stuff. That's it! I enjoy studying and living here :) If you have any questions just find me (I am here->

 6 Years ago
4 0 4.1
Lyu Konstantin
From : United Kingdom

It*s my 2nd week in China, Shanghai city is totally new experience in all aspects of life. The area of university is perfect. Nice place to study Chinese while u getting your degree. However, there are not many Chinese people who want to get their degree in English language. The facility you need is easy to find around university. One of the best things that Doghua CIP is really international place and you understand how China is important these days. KOnstantn Lyu

 6 Years ago
2 0 4.6
Bertrand Philippe
From : China

First of all, DongHua University (DHU) is located at a convenient spot of Shanghai, granting us the possibility to go by bus, metro, by bike or even on foot (if you dare, haha). Then all I can talk about is the CIP (Center of International Program), and the least I can say is that a pleasant atmosphere emanates from its buildings. The system of schedule and credits collection are within the reach of anyone. However, as CIP programs are relatively new, they might undergo several alterations at the beginning of each semester and occasionally within a semester. But that doesn't affect your study-plan. Teachers are all interesting, most of them just wave when the theory passes by and then arouse the practice that dwells into them. Long story short : Methods here shape square classes in which knowledges are both equally and thoroughly instructed. If any questions related to CIP system, please send me a mail at, I'll be pleased to help you. (Just for you to know, I'm not living at the dors, so I won't be able to answer any question about it.) Philippe

 6 Years ago
1 0 3.8
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