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From : Zambia

i advise who ever wants to apply to this school its shit in and out ....administration student relationship is bad, students needs are not respected accommodation is bad TRUST ME YOU DONT WANT TO COME HERE.......

BY:fourth year zambian student 2017

 6 months ago
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From : China

 10 months ago
0 0 4.5
From : India

very bad accommodation, no value of students, but teachers are best all are foreigner teachers. this university will be best if accommodation will be improved

 1 Year ago
0 0 3.1
From : India

Jxutcm experience of student is very bad. The stud3nts now studying r verymiserable condition. College charging high but even basic utilitities (toilet etc.) not provided in good condition. Even maintenance dot done properly. After going your ward there management not listen student complaint. They cant study well they lives just prison. If u dont believe ask any indian student who study there. If student will complaint then management start harrasing them. Pls. Think 100 times before send your student to jxutcm.

 1 Year ago
6 0 1.1
From : Nigeria

So on point!

 3 Years ago
9 0 4.1
Hunzai Mohiuddin
From : Pakistan

I am studing in this univesity because of the good teaching. you can find highly qualified and experienced foreigner teachers. Basically it has four campuses but two for international students. First one and half year we have to study in new campus situated in wanli district, Nanchang . Rest of the years in city campus. new campus in so large everywhere is greenery. It takes about 45 minutes to city by public transportation. There is a little problem of food for international students. Hostel facility is good .

 5 Years ago
6 0 3.6
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