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Hassan Taha
From :

Hello, I'm Taha and I'm a working professional, i want to learn Chinese language because the company i work for is Import-Export firm and we have to deal with many Chinese suppliers, clients etc. So, i applied in this university for a 2 MONTHS NON DEGREE CHINESE LANGUAGE PROGRAM through Cucas. Before applying i completely went through all the procedure and requirements of the admission. After i applied i got an email from Cucas admission team that the university requires 50 THOUSAND USD account statement. Which came as an electric shock to me since i knew very well that this huge bank statement requirement is not even for the mid range universities in the UK, CANADA US AND AUSTRALIA for DEGREE PROGRAMS. I replied the same thing and asked why you guys didn't mention it in your website so the students can see beforehand and only those could apply who can afford this much UNBELIEVABLE CRAZY bank statement for a 2 MONTHS course! I concluded that either tye university or this website or both are partners and sitting there to collect application and service fees which i paid 165 USD! This is a very good business strategy, first you trap students by mentioning nothing but an easy admission procedure WITHOUT MENTIONING the essential documents or their value and then push them to pay massive amount of 160 to 200 USD as APPLICATION & SERVICE FEE and later on make excuses. I WANT MY REFUND!!!!

 1 month ago
1 0 0.5
From :

hello i am adnan majeed kumbhar from pakistan sindh i want to apply for scholorship program please guide me
i want to take admission there i am agriculture university student

 2 months ago
3 0 3.9
From : Congo (Zaire)

Hello My Name is David Sezi, I want to join BLCU to learn Cumpter Science what do you think about?

 4 months ago
1 0 3.4
From : Yemen

 5 months ago
0 0 4.3
From : Germany

The teaching method is basically memorization and repetition, we cant speak in class and dont learn the tones adequately, it is really just basic training to pass the exams and nothing else.
The canteen was randomly closed down for 6 weeks during the semester, so we had to eat outside the campus in pricey restaurants. BLCU has a deal with the Pakistani government, so our class of 16 students consisted of 13 Pakistani guys.
The accommodation is expensive and of extremely low quality, dirty and the bathrooms smell. I and other scholarship students had the problem with the administration holding back our funds for no reason at all, as with many of the other students I only received half of my stipend payments, and had to ask my family to send me money to survive. Many of the staff members in administration drive expensive cars such as Porsche, coincidence?

In all, I regret studying here and would highly recommend looking elsewhere.

 7 months ago
9 1 0.8
From : India

hi i am study for china nad my is i had a profece for urdu language and i had make a school poor childran study and i had ipnrace evry ne and evry porsen becuce urdu laguage is not poor lagnguage its the best lagnuage of world

 1 Year ago
0 0 2.4
From : Canada

The major problem was the corruption. All administration is CORRUPTED. I was supposed to receive an amount of money every month and never got it. I went to the office every month to ask them, and every time they found different excuses not to give it to me every department contradicting another. When I told them I would do a complaint about corruption, I had a briefing with a supposed director (that could, of course, do nothing to help) to convince me not complain. After 8 months of waiting, I never got it. And I am not the only one, tons of people (friends or not) didnt receive it either. There is no computer accessible on campus, the classrooms are cold in winter and hot in summer, the education mainly consist into repeating over and over again. It is the school with the biggest number of foreign students in China, though no teacher is fluent in English, and you can agree than learning grammatic of Chinese language in Chinese is way harder than learning it in English and then applying it to the language. The concordance with the vocabulary is also difficult if the new Chinese words are explained with other Chinese words you dont know. If missing too much school (some friend had to come back home for visa reason, a sick member of the close family or else), you are not allowed to do the final exams, so cannot obtain a grade and certificate, even though your level is good enough to obtain good grades. The cafeteria closed during this year, could be for sanitary reasons many of my friends got food poisoning and rats were visible in the kitchen when ordering food. The campus were the worst places only squat toilets are available, they are so dirty Id rather go outside in the wood if I could. The showers are not better, full of cockroaches and the pipes are dirty lots of people including myself start losing an unnatural quantity of hairs. There is one kitchen for about 200 students, and its obviously not clean either. Finally, you must pay an extra for anything, even internet on campus is not included (imagine doing a research or using an online dictionary). This school was completely pathetic for the reputation they have and the expectation about the best school in China to learn the language. My level could definitely have been better working as an Au pair or living in a Chinese family than attending this school.

 1 Year ago
17 1 0.7
From : Bangladesh

everything is awesome

 1 Year ago
0 0 5
Jegou Aurelien
From : France

I arrived from Paris 5 months ago, and I\'m still studying in BLCU. First I was very happy because the university is really beautiful ! They have gardens everywhere, full of trees, they even have a small pond in one of them ! The only thing is they began some renovations during the summer and it rapidly transformed into a very noisy place, specially around building 7 to 10. But if you don’t live on campus, it should be okay. The registration is a bit bumpy if you don\'t already speak a very good chinese, and my advice would be to go with a chinese friend if you have one : a lot of papers, and most of the administration members do not make it easier, cause a lot of them don\'t (want to ?) speak english at all, even if they see that you don’t speak a single word of chinese, but after all, we’re in China, so… Be careful also with the placement test, personally I was placed in a level far too advanced for me, and it was almost impossible to follow. If the level does not fit you, don\'t listen to the teachers, they will try to keep you in their class, telling you that you can practice more if you want to go to an upper level, or that you have to work harder if you want to go to a lower level. They will also tell you that you cannot change class after 3 days, which in fact is still possible. All the teachers I’ve seen are all really nice, though. However, again, the administration can be total beasts ! I and a majority of my classmates had tons of problems with them, and you’ll probably have to threaten them to ask for your money back before you get what you want. The teaching is okay, but I was a bit surprised to see that we’re 15 to sometimes more than 20 in some classes. You’ll learn some useful and some useless things, so I recommend a language partner as soon as you begin, to help you distinguish which vocabulary and grammatical structures are really helpful for your life in Beijing. It was a bit surprising that after one month, we knew how to say that our japanese classmate’s dictionary is very thick, but we were never told how to buy a metro ticket, or to ask for the bill in a restaurant. Again, a language partner is really a good thing, cause some days, the lessons are not really immediately useful. You’ll learn simplified, but you\'ll also have access to traditional characters in the books, which is really cool if you want to go to Hong Kong or Taiwan later, like me. I personally regret a little bit that the teachers encourage you to take the Beijing habits to speak, with a lot of rrrr everywhere. You’ll understand maybe a little bit more the people in Beijing, but there are 1 billion 400 millions other people speaking chinese with slightly different habits. Again, it is very personal, cause I started to learn in Taipei, and I find that mandarin from southern Asia is really more clear than in Beijing. I was also surprised that the teachers don’t pay more attention to the stroke order, which is essential if you want to write a good chinese. They also don’t teach the radicals, which would be more than helpful to understand the chinese language ! It’s a bit like you learn how to write without learning your alphabet before... To finish about the teaching, I had some friends in the intensive program (30 hours a week instead of 20), and apparently, the rhythm is really hard, so be prepared ! About the dorms,I personally was very lucky to be in a good building (7) in a single room, but some classmates had some roaches and also some bad smell problems in building 17, the administration was apparently not very receptive… Carreful also with the renovations, they won’t hesitate to wake you up, open your door, at 7 or 8, even on sunday. Right now it’s impossible to sleep in in building 7... In conclusion, I still recommend this school, because your chinese will progress rapidly. However, the teaching in BLCU is, I think, very incomplete if you want to acquire strong basis in chinese, cause they try to go too fast and they forget the essentials, but still helpful if you already have good basis and just want to improve your skills. I also regret that the administration is so brutal and seems to consider foreigners like cash cows.

 3 Years ago
7 0 2.7
From : Tanzania

BLCU is a great school to study Chinese whether it\'s short-term or long-term. So many interesting students from different countries come here to study. They have the most foreignors on campus than any other Beijing university! The teachers I\'ve had have always been kind, friendly and dedicated to teaching. I feel I have learned a lot from coming to this school and my China experience has expanded by coming to BLCU.

 4 Years ago
4 0 4.3
sb lupita
From : Indonesia

negative : the administration sucks so bad. no clear information and just very messy. Be prepared to be moved to other random class in the middle of your learning progress just because their enrollment system sucks. positive: you will learn chinese and will make heaps of new friend from across the world, so you can complaint to each other about the school system

 4 Years ago
4 0 2.7
Greer Tanner
From : United States

I was part of the 6 week summer program for intermediate learners. The central reason I came to Beijing was to improve my Chinese so my review shall focus on how well BLCU met this need. BLCU decides what class you should be taking with an oral test on the second day. The teachers are warm and engaging; I felt comfortable with them immediately. Most know English but they rarely use it in class. Because they do not use English during instruction, it was pretty common for students to feel overwhelmed and incapable during their first week. I certainly did! By the end most people feel much more confident. A great deal of class time is spent on repetition and memorization of phrases from the course texts and powerpoints. You will spend more time repeating formulas than you ever would in a Western classroom. I didn't mind this—you have plenty of chances to get creative with your new vocabulary outside of the classroom with the thousands of Chinese people at the school. My course was focused mostly on speaking and listening comprehension, thus my reading and writing comprehension did not improve nearly as much as my speaking did. And did it improve! I couldn't believe how much my spoken fluency progressed in just 4 week’s time. When I flew into Beijing I could barely speak a few words to the Chinese woman next to me on the plane; on my flight back to America I spoke to the guy next me for at least an hour. Indeed, there were days where I talked in Chinese for *hours* at a time without a problem. These were very elementary conversations, of course—but for the first time in my life I was having real, sustained conversations in Chinese. I credit my success to the excellent program at BLCU and to the many Chinese I talked to outside of the classroom every day. If learning Chinese is your top priority, then I strongly recommend this program. Those willing to work hard and leave their comfort zones will have an incredible experience.

 4 Years ago
2 0 4.5
adel rahim
From : Algeria

i verry happy

 4 Years ago
3 0 3.7
Kolmannskog Thea Malm
From : Norway

BLCU is a good place to learn chinese with people from all over the world. They have many different language levels, and there is a test at the beginning which puts you in the right class. The teachers are helpful and nice, and their English is good. (I started from scratch, so I guess their English had to be fairly good so we would understand.) I studied the intensive course, with 6 hours a day (from 8 to 3), with a one hour lunch break. Six hours a day was a bit too much for me, but I got so much out of it, I'm glad I did it for one semester. The campus is good and not very big, and had several cafés and restaurants with western, chinese, korean and muslim food. The gym is also quite good, with everything from spin and boxing classes to yoga and tai qi. The only bad thing is that it can get a bit crowded and you'll have to wait to use certain machines. The only reason I changed this semester is that the foreign population in Beijing was just too high, and I only interacted with English speaking people after school. Other than that, BLCU is located in a western district, so you can get pretty much whatever you're craving from your home country (except dark bread...). Good luck! :-)

 5 Years ago
3 0 4
Paciorek Magdalena
From : Poland

In my opinion BLCU offers very good quality of learning. The teachers are very experienced and really know how to effectively teach students to quickly start speaking Chinese. The lower level courses are dedicated entirely to speaking exercises, which is great, because you can go out after lessons and just talk to people in the shops etc, even if your level is still low. University campus is located in very nice area - there are lots of other Universities around which makes this district very vibrant and it offers many attractions such as pubs & clubs, Chinese & foreign restaurants etc. You can also easly meet people from around the world on the Campus. I rate my experience with BLCU very high. The only thing I didn't like was the dorm, which was filthy, and my room hadn't been cleaned before my arrival. In my opinion the dorm was too expensive for such a low standard.

 5 Years ago
2 0 4.5
johns tim
From : Uganda

You will enjoy this place ,especially if you love mingling.

 5 Years ago
0 0 3.6
Grip Andreas
From : Sweden

I enrolled in the beginner's course in spring 2010 and I had an awesome time. I came there all by myself but I had no problems at all finding new friends, of course all my classmates were in the same position as me. My total score after grading the school is 3.8 and I guess my only suggestions to the school is get a better cafeteria(or maybe you have allready done so since 2010) and try to lower the enrolling fee and dormitory cost. Do so and this school is a 10/10.

 6 Years ago
2 0 3.8
Pasquinucci Guido
From : Italy

The Beijing Yuyan Daxue is one of the best places to learn chinese in all China. The campus is full of people from all around the world, that makes the life here very intresting and stimulating, but there are also a lot of chinese students, so it's easy to make lot of chiese friends and have good language excange, wich is the best way to learn the language properly. The lessons are really intresting and the teachers willing to help the students for every problems. the University campus offers also commodities such as libraries, gym, swimmingpool, cafetery, restaurants, markets and stuff like that. However if you want to find an other accomodation that is not located in the capus, near the university ther are lot of offers for any price in one of the best quarters of Beijing. Nightlife near the University is also full of choices for all kind of tastes. You will love this place!

 6 Years ago
2 0 3.9
Sidiropoulou Hara
From : Greece

Fantastic opportunity to get a first hand experience of the daily life and language in Beijing! Very good course, needs a bit more organization in terms of daily activities with other students after the classes.

 6 Years ago
0 0 2.5
lampkin paige
From : United States

I did 2 short courses back to back. Overall my experience at BLCU was a fantastic one, and I would recommend it to anyone serious about Chinese language study. The main detraction from the experience was the culture of the dorm security. Without exaggeration it felt like reform school. I was constantly questioned as to my right to be in the building. My fiancee had to sneak in the dorms just to be able to see me on weekday evenings and wasn't allowed to stay past 10pm. As adults, and New Yorkers, this sort of constant policing was very difficult to get used to. Those students who were able to pay an expensive premium stayed at the nearby hotel with no security checks, but I hardly think freedom of movement should be a luxury confined to those who can afford it. Aside from being harassed in my dorm constantly, my educational experience at BLCU was fantastic. My teachers were attentive, hard working, and one teacher particularly stood out as a real star. Her name was Jia Laoshi, and she single handedly made my Beijing experience an enjoyable one. She became a true friend, really looked after my well being, even helped me get an apartment when I inevitably moved out of the dorms. I would not be surprised if she was the best teacher at the school.My level of Chinese really skyrocketed,and before this I'd always thought I was bad at languages!The campus is lovely and green and conducive to tranquility and physical exercise. There's a great inexpensive gym, and Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes-if you can get up early enough! The area the school is in certainly capitalizes on its student market-there are stores,bars,clubs,a mall,even a grocery store (the dorm has hot plates and microwaves for cooking). There are also weekly culture trips to the Great Wall etc etc. I recommend studying there, just get your own place!!

 6 Years ago
5 0 3.7
Fayzulloev Firuz
From : Uzbekistan

If you got opportunity to study chinese in China, use it, because its great chance for u. If u have a chance to study in BLCU, use it, and live with BLCU life as we do, its awesome life, believe me. The level of teaching is great, classmates surrounding you came all over the world are awesome guys. After you finish the semester, you will be able to talk not only in chinese, but also russian, japanese, italian, arabic, so on, and most of them will be useful bad words;) If you are not interested in chinese culture, this university will provoke your interest, and will give you clues about chinese culture. Even if you are not interested in any kind of sport, society of this university will provoke your interest in sport. Nightlife in university surrounding is not great, but you have everything that you need, pub, club, restaurants.

 6 Years ago
3 0 3.9
mbohwa michelle
From : Zimbabwe

The university not only has excellent English speaking teachers, they also speak Spanish and French among other languages. You get to also meet people from different parts of the world and enjoy their school trips and events. This is the university you want to go to.

 6 Years ago
0 0 5
From : Cambodia

I think it's the best school for studying Chinese. I've been there for one year, and everything was going very well. School's conditions are good, as mentioned above. Studying in this university, you would exactly get the qualified knowledge in Chinese, and improve you communication skills(I'm not sure for other majors). Furthermore, you'll make lots of foreign friends, and must be enjoying many diverse cultures from many parts of the world.

 6 Years ago
3 0 4.7
Bk Lina
From : (Unknown)

BLCU has lots of advantages: campus is really nice, library, gym, canteen are close to each other, that is really comfortable. Most of the students are foreigners, quite easy to make friends ( for the new-comers). Curriculum is okay, we have to learn about 40 new words every day, really hard. If you like going out or having fun too much, be careful, you will fall behind at once! But if you are hardworking enough in one year your Chinese will be really good. But anyway, I think we could study it slower. Currently I live in dormitory 4 ( it's fine, but for the money I pay it could be better). The best dormitory is dorm 17 and 6, but the price is much higher, of course. My first impression of BLCU was dormitory 9 (beware!!!). I called my mom,sobbing "Take me back hooooome!" But the "accomodation" in BLCU gets "good" , as I know many universities in Beijing that are much worse. If sum up, I say YES to BLCU!

 6 Years ago
1 0 3.6
peng xiaohan
From : Australia

You will be amazed by the diversities here. You will find all kinds of people from every corner of the world here. Korean is definitely the largest group. If you are active enough, you will keep yourself busy with all kinds of social activities organized by the school or the students union or parties.

 6 Years ago
0 0 4.5
Suzana Preda
From : Romania

When I first came to BLCU I was completely lost. Although I had studied Chinese back home, I felt totally unfamiliar with this new place I have become to now call home. Soon, I realized that there are many foreign students inside and around this university who are very friendly and more than willing to give a helping hand, even to a complete stranger. As far as community is concerned, know that you will never be alone or helpless around this university as long as there are students attending it. You will meet many amazing people with whom you will share some pretty great moments. As far as courses and programs are concerned, BLCU has some pretty well covered here. I believe it is the ideal place for people who want to learn practical Chinese and actually end up with some useful knowledge at the end of the semester. Most of the teachers I have met are great and know how to deal with all students in class. Of course, there are some (very few) that make you wonder how they have made it this long teaching anything, but when you draw the line they are not that bad, they just don't know how to make the class more interesting. What I was truly disappointed in is their service, I encountered a few problems when dealing with the dorm situation, which gave me a hard time in the beginning. but I guess the service issue isn't an isolated problem here, the whole of China suffers from it so I guess I can't really blame it on the faculty. The dorms are pretty okay (as long as you are not a scholarship student and can afford a decent single room), yet I would still recommend staying somewhere outside campus. The rooms are not that bad (except dorms 9 and 1, those are the ones you need to avoid at all cost! the prices are very low, but so are the conditions), it's not very luxurious, but it's cheaper than renting an apartment outside, and more convenient when you have morning classes. However, if you are not into partying all the time and actually come here to study, you might want to reconsider staying in a dorm (sometimes the younger ones tend to get carried away and overdo it with the partying). Luckily, the Conference Center right on campus seems to offer a pretty nice and quiet environment for those who need their own private time. The campus is quite self sufficient, you have everything you need around, starting from shops, supermarkets, to banks and internet cafes. Basically, you have everything you need withing reach, and rarely have to leave the area if you don't want to. The area is quite convenient too, since it is not situated in the center of Beijing and is thus far less expensive. All in all, I think my experience at BLCU deserves a solid A, and if I had to make the choice again, I would do it all over again. I've learned many useful things, considerably improved my Chinese skills, made many life-long friends and had the time of my life. I would recommend this university to anyone who wants to come study in Beijing and still wants to have a social life on the side.

 6 Years ago
1 0 4.2
Duri Duri Abdurahman
From : Ethiopia

Well, BLCU is pretty much laid back school without much pressure from staff or the student body to work hard. There aren't any forms of competitions that are wide spread across campus, but mainly independent, small scale ones for specific programs. BLCU is knows for the plethora of nationalities found within its student body and must say, that if you're looking for a school to help you get by around China, this is the place; definitely not if you're planing on pursuing a career with Chinese language in your background.

 6 Years ago
0 0 2.3
atzori elia
From : Italy

I lived in India for 8 years, during this period i had the opportunity to see and live in Indian school. An interesting experience i'd say. When i moved to BLCU i realzed that the whole system i lived in before was nothing compared to the one i'm stydying now. Organized, with rules, and with various opportunities to exchange cultural points with Chinese students. The only problems i have seen are regarding the accomodations; considering BLCU as an international univeristy students would come with a different idea for their accomodations. After one semster i moved to an apartment because i found it cheaper and way better than a small room that i had to share with another student; i would say i lived in the best dormitory in campus, but other friends of mine didn't have this luck and had to live in dorms with common bathrooms, or even without personell for manteinance duties. However int he overall i believe the university offers interesting and various programs, which aloud people like me to start from zero and learn how to communicate and live in China. The score i gave is 4.0 because no universities are perfect, neverless this school offer things that others would do so easily, and that's why is considered by many the best language University in China for foreiners students.

 6 Years ago
0 0 4
Hill Blake
From : United States

I arrived in Beijing not being able to speak at all. After the first semester I had no problem getting around, and after a year I have no problems communicating. Registering is a little cumbersome for the simple fact that it is unorganized, however they have students from all over to help, regardless of your mother language. In terms of the actual learning experience; it over all feels like being in a very lax, yet productive high school class. Teaching style varies from teacher to teacher. I have heard friends talk about having bad teachers before, but this hasn't happened to me. As long as you truly study you will take what you need from the classes. The dorms really vary depending on what you want to pay, but the apartments around campus are close to the same price and much more comfortable. On the weekends you'll find there is plenty to do, as this part of town was built for foreign university students. The only real problem is that, is that it can easily cut in to study time. All said and done it's a great school for the price. I have one more year left and I'm not ready for it to end!

 6 Years ago
0 0 3.6
Hu Zhi Xian
From : Singapore

The school has a lot of people from different countries which make it sort of a mini ' United Nations'. Teachers are nice and the classroom are spacious and well-equipped.

 6 Years ago
0 0 3.6
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