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Patience Niyongabo
From : Rwanda

hello my name is NIYONGABO patience

 7 months ago
0 0 1.8
From : India


 2 Years ago
2 0 3.9
Gon hannah
From : Azerbaijan

Probably the worst Univ to be part of. Management is weakest and is full of corrupt guys, expect to give something under the table if you want your work to be done... And never ever expect to get your prize money because you'll never ever get that..Will make you cry because of their fees policy. Won't help you and won't hear you out even a bit. One of the most expensive school. Why pay for a college of same standard or even worse than other Chinese Univ?Professors maybe knowledgeable but what's the use of it if he/she cannot explain.They'll simply read their ppt with their worst imaginable accent.

 4 Years ago
4 0 1.4
Romano Julius
From : Indonesia

Campus facilities : basketball courts not bad... but not much campus activities in the city.. you have to look outside for activities Administration: Staffs are rude and unfriendly..don't know why they act like this to foreigners.. seem like they only care when they ask for the tuition fees otherwise anything u ask them would be bothering them Teaching: Most teachers are not fluent in english so u would be lucky to get the ppts and learn by yourself... Curriculum: Very bad organisation of curriculum.. u get results on a small piece of paper (are u kidding me?) Value for money: Extremely expensive for the this quality of education. People (teachers and staffs) don't take you seriously here unless money is being involved like paying the tuition fees thats where they are really serious. Cafeteria: not much variety of food..mostly chinese food. Accomodation: No mattress provided,.,u'll sleep on wood.

 4 Years ago
1 0 0.6
Hady Ali
From : Cuba

Ilove My Freinds Very Much Iwant To Be An Engener

 4 Years ago
1 0 5
Kaija David
From : Uganda

The university is excellent, if and only if you are fluent in Chinese and are planning to study your course in Chinese. For the non-Chinese speakers, please DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME The English courses are shit!!!!

 4 Years ago
0 0 2.9
Chan Brian
From : Mauritius

I'm an architecture student..currently at Sipailou. Campus facilities - Not much activities around. If there is any activity you would be lucky to be notified. Administration - staffs not not very welcoming, can be rude sometimes and give the feeling that you are annoying them. Teaching Quality - Teachers are good but not fluent in English and you won't learn as much as your chinese counterpart. As a result, You would be treated like a low level student with low intelligence even if you are intelligent. Chinese students won't even bother helping you for a long time so you are on your own. Curriculum - Okay. Value for money - Not worth the money, too expensive for this poor quality of teaching and daily life experience Cafeteria - Okay.Not much variety though Accomodation - The dorm is really crappy, bed without matress, cockroach everywhere (daily cleaning won't help).

 4 Years ago
0 0 1.4
rewatkar kajol
From : United Kingdom

The first thing u would notice when u arrive is its beautiful campus....that's the only thing that would clam you ..and suffice you....for rest you would question your luck for getting admission in SE......teaching leaves with much to be desired....locals too aren't friendly..... Dormitory too needs some attention.....being expensive it leaves u with nothing

 4 Years ago
0 0 0.9
sathone mangala
From : United States

Everything about this university is bad.....things are too expensive.... staff is very average when it comes to communication with students.... Teachers too dont seem to be that engaged with the too is bad....had some paper problems with ain't that difficult to realise that there is discrimination shown by staff....accomodation too is crap.......Just waste if money...Try NANJING MUCH BETTER

 4 Years ago
0 0 1.2
pk nadeem
From : India

im an indian student, and i really like this university. good teachers, good accomdation,good climate.

 4 Years ago
1 0 3.9
balaji vijay
From : India

please try for other uni. in CHINA this one is the worst i have seen...please dont be fool by the campus beauty it aint worth taking admission for..dont risk your future for it..they have rude admission officerS who might EVEN MAKE SOME rude comments on u......this university is run by ministry.....they even reject some admission form saying you dont match their confidential criteria ........please my friends save your fathers money and stay miles away fROM SE UNIVER.

 4 Years ago
0 0 1.4
riggsPoulter liban
From : China

hi there i am second year student and live in sipailu compus i really hate this university there is no compus facilities and quality of teaching is really very low except lab class proffesors dont give us any homework they are absulately very bad in english

 5 Years ago
0 0 2.5
Laurie Labonne
From : Mauritius

Actually im living at jiulonghu and really this campus is beautiful and espcially the infrastructure is wonderful!! I like it :) But to not to be boring there you have just to find something good to do and enjoy this great university!! :) Above all the university is a good one ♥

 5 Years ago
1 0 3.6
Almasri Majed
From : Syria

Southeast university - JuyoulongHu

 5 Years ago
1 0 3.6
Karim Abdel
From : Mauritius

I came to seu in Sept 2010, and i'm an actual student there.

 6 Years ago
1 0 2.6
Yehia Ahmed
From : Egypt

Good courses, good professors, good service, Excellent facilities of laboratories and equipment.

 6 Years ago
1 0 4.6
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