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From : Pakistan

i want admission for higher studies under scholarship

 5 months ago
0 0 4.7
From : Pakistan

How Should we Apply for Bachelor Program?

 1 Year ago
0 0 4.9
From : Pakistan

please tell me about how to submitt money ....i tried while filling the bnu form but it doesnt accept

 1 Year ago
0 0 5
muhammad uzair nisar muhammad uzair
From : Pakistan

beacuse china is too develped country.... and have top universities like normal universities

 1 Year ago
2 1 4.7
From : Iran

One of the best normal universities in the world.

 1 Year ago
0 2 5
jamal mahjabeen
From : Pakistan

how to get admission in china??

 2 Years ago
2 0 0.9
Del Conte Silvia
From : Italy

I attended a 6 months intensive course in chinese language. At the beginning it was very hard, because I never studied chinese before, if you are a hard working person it will be fine after the first two months, and it will be great to see how characters that before were unknown will start emerging from very deep inside. The teachers were very good, communicative and patient, and used many video and ppt to explain so it helped a lot. At the end I can tell it was a good experience

 6 Years ago
11 1 3.1
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