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From : United Arab Emirates

I am a student from Dubai who wishes to attend Fudan university, but doesnt know the qualifications

 4 months ago
0 2 4.6
Lata Joshika
From : Fiji

How can I get a full scolorship for MBBS programme at Fudan Unversity.

 5 months ago
0 0 5
From : Bangladesh

I am interested to know chaina and also wanna be an international student..
please sir help me to know the procedure

 8 months ago
3 0 4.5
From : Nepal

How can I get full scholarship in fudan university.

 1 Year ago
4 0 0.6
From : Ghana

I am Darko Lucas Bright, from Ghana ...please help me get this schorlarship

 1 Year ago
1 0 4.9
Ekberg Tallberg Robert
From : Sweden

The best about this school is that the teachers is very helpfull, at least the ones i had. You can also meet many new friends around the campus. The area is very good. You have walking distance to wujiaochang where you can buy most items you need.

 5 Years ago
2 0 2.8
Niu Conway
From : United States

Overall, my experience here has been positive. The program is very new, so there are definitely areas for improvement, but at the same time, the amount of improvement that I've seen since coming here four years ago has been drastic. Teaching quality has gone up, and materials used for teaching have increasingly been from the US or UK. Pre-clinical teaching is quite good, though clinical teaching still has some kinks to work out. Hospital exposure begins at the end of the 3rd year, and because Shanghai is a place in which many patients from surrounding areas come to seek care, there are endless different diseases to be seen in the hospital. Overall, this program is allowing me to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor, and as each day nears, I see myself getting closer to that goal. It takes a lot of hard work, and Fudan/Shanghai Medical College provides a path to this goal.

 5 Years ago
9 1 4.3
Caesar Ben
From : United Kingdom

I attended Fudan over the Autumn/Winter semester. The Handan campus is very green. Classes took place between the Guanghua building and a rather run-down building by the Mao statue. When I first applied, an admin assistant, was very rude to me - it doesn't pay to be rude back when admins can so easily use their position to make things difficult, so I turned the other cheek. Admin staff do a good job though. I sat the placement test and was advised by the main teacher to enter a particular level. Someone then arbitrarily put me in a harder level. By the time I realised, it was already too late to switch. I later switched to a lower class after the mid-term exams. Even now, I still feel angry about this as it greatly affected my study. Teachers were friendly and pleasant but teaching quality was variable. The first set of teachers I had (G) - the core teacher, seemed to never prepare her classes and rather obviously winged it. The listening teacher had a thick accent and taught a bit bizarrely. A big problem was that there was a hyperactive guy in the class who was of a much higher level than anyone else and always wanted to be the first to answer. The teachers never stopped him talking or tried to involve other students, so he often set the pace and constantly repeated the teachers' words loudly. The second set of teachers I had (E) were on the whole significantly better. The core teacher was very enthusiastic. The curriculum was based on BLCUP materials and the core textbook, partly written by Fudan professors, was full of interesting material. I would say though that we had to buy a lot of books and there was simply too much material, vocab and grammar. The curriculum never really felt integrated with different classes seemingly at different levels. Studying Chinese at Fudan is much more expensive than at other unis in Shanghai and compared to Tongji which I switched to the following semester, I can't see how that extra cost can be justified

 5 Years ago
2 0 3.1
Schlatter Lukas
From : Austria

This EMA program is still quite new, running for less than 5 years, that’s probably why it is still far from perfect and leaves a lot of room for improvements. But as everything is changing and emerging quickly in China, even during my first year I was already part of some major changes. All classes take place in the administrative building of the School of Economics. Lecture rooms therefore are well-equipped with projectors, A/C and comfortable chairs (more like a meeting room, less like University, which gives you a special feeling). Our room is usually on the 8th floor, which lets you have a nice view outside as well. Professors are all Chinese, which makes sense, as you are learning about the Chinese Economy, so they should know about it well. Teaching-Quality of the professors are different though, some better, some worse. Same about their English skills. The Chinese Language class is very Basic and cannot be exchanged if you already speak some Chinese. If you work hard, you can earn all necessary credits in 2 semesters and just need to write the thesis during the 2nd year. Students come from all over the world, mostly Europe, America and Asia (especially Korea). Most Korean Students are not part of the EMA program though, just doing some kind of exchange or double degree program. Tuition fees are with 50000 RMB per year quite high, a bit too high in my opinion. But there are options for full scholarships, so if you are interested in studying this program, apply early, so you have a chance to score some financial aid.

 6 Years ago
0 0 3.6
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