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From : Ethiopia

alhamedu from ethiopia . i am student in scut in 2015 . i like all things in scut . thanks for your input of knowledge for my life.

 1 Year ago
2 0 4.6
From : Malaysia

if you are thinking to study chinese here, it just a waste of money.

the dormitory is bad, they dont have a single room even it stated in their website that they have.

bad experience that i had, came here to study chinese they made me pay for the tuition fees first after that i was informed there was no room in dormitory. So i had to find my own room by myself in CHINA!.

They only care about your money and the office staffs are rude!

 1 Year ago
18 0 1.9
From : Uganda

the school name is big but only for those studying in chinese foreigners are almost on their own as the school only cares if u pay the money on time totally a common bad choice for any one who wants to do some serious study in english and all in all they ONLY care about the money. dont expect any help from administration in case of an issue

 2 Years ago
14 0 1.3
Yan Han
From : China

Top-Two university in Guangzhou, the third largest city in China. Holds great influence in Guangdong Province and even south china region, especially in Engineering Industries. But the quality of other subjects are not as good as those engineering ones.

 2 Years ago
3 0 2.9
From : Morocco


 2 Years ago
0 0 3
From : South Africa

The Admin staff for international students is by far the worst I have ever seen. These are uncaring individuals who are only looking to do the least amount of work.You have to keep on bothering them just to get their attention,you forget about them doing their jobs cause they are on QQ the whole day. As a new student in China I faced many challenges with getting around a strange city and received no help or even sympathy from the university. The Staff communicate messages via notice boards but when you follow up on said communication they contradict what was written and do something else.This experience has been very frustrating.

 2 Years ago
13 0 2.6
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